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The Command Shell
Running Imalab
Plugin Process
Pixels and Images
Interactive selection
Graphics: plots, profiles
Image file I/O
Image display
Connectivity Analysis
Image Processing(1)
Gaussian operators
Technical Documentation
Creating New Modules
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Technical Documentation

  • Basic Image Processing Modules
  • The Imalab Shell
  • Extending Imalab This chapter gives developper information on adding new functionalities, plugins, modules:
    • Adding a plugin
    • Shell Scripts and Script Files
    • Extending and Personalizing imalab
    • Adding an Image Processing Module

Basic Modules

Basic Image Processing Modules:

Image and Graphics Display on the Screen

Image Manipulation and Inspection

Image Processing Modules

Gaussian Derivatives

Region Analysis and Image Segmentation

External Modules: gnuplot and geomview

Creating new modules

Creating new modules